Under the Stars Lead

Under the Stars Lead

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Olivia Barnes leads are Handmade in the UK, using strong webbing and stitched with a soft fabric for extra comfort and finished with a heavy duty trigger snap.

All leads are approximately 1 metre in length, and you can choose between a 3/4 inch or 1 inch width.

*Please note, I make all the items at Olivia Barnes. Every item we make is handmade and one is never the same as the next, it is uniquely one of a kind. As is the nature of handmade, there can be slight variations between products and pattern placement can vary from what is seen in photos.*

Care Instructions:-

We suggest you wash the product by hand and allow to air dry, if you wish to wash them in a machine you can do so at up to 30 degrees, please make sure you protect the product and your washing machine by placing them in a washbag/pillowcase prior to washing.

General Care :-

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure suitability of our products for your pets, we recommend that you check daily for any signs of wear.